Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspirational meeting at Laurel manor/ Livonia

went to laurel manor for town hall meeting for tax incentive for michigan Film community- last Thursday- Feb- 24. It was Surprising!!!- the core Detroit tradecraft members That I knew about that were there was- Teon and Myself- I also saw Arvell Jones, and Desmond Jones and was alerted to it by Mike Winn who I suppose was also there with Keith Pollard ans maybe other i did not mention. It was basically a call for action from all creatives to contact their congress people and prep them not to vote for Govorner Snyder's plan to cap the current incentive at 25 million dollars and not support creating yearly changable referendum (i think that was the term- a way every year people would have to lobby back to keep the numbers the same and vote again on the industry)- we heard speakers like Mitch Albom, Emery King ( from the DMC commercials), Jeff Daniels-actor, Mike Binder actor(from Minority Report), university professors and film students.
The true fact was stated that the guys at the head of this push were conservatives as well as liberal in political leanings but all believed in getting creatives and support jobs here in Michigan and not just taking the money and running out of the state as it has been portrayed by many on the outside looking in.

So for my part- i wrote a letter to my State representative and senator- for this reason alone- inspite of all the rhetoric- Kieth Pollard one of my mentors and a fellow dispaced worker at Ford motor company had finally scored a job as head Storyboard artist at Maxar studios for films. Showing the incentive was bringing in permanent resident studios that could potentially employ artists and writers here in michigan- people in Detroit Tradecraft. But the full realization of these incentives may be lost before we could see actual residents forming their own services businesses and supporting the film industry- like i want to do as well...
So there you have it- I ask each member of to get out to their congressmen and women and make a stand for an industry that may help us all stay in Michigan and do the jobs and careers we always dreamed of doing...
C. Patrick Jackson

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